sound design


interactive audio for VR, games & more

numerous target platforms including

Unity, Unreal, VST, WebAudio, Bela, AudioWeaver (tbc)

equally numerous applications spanning

VR, games, web, automotive, installations and embedded systems


AVAS should be more than just a bank of looped waveforms - we design fully procedural, responsive and beautiful EV sounds of the future

whether fully interactive AVAS, conventional infotainment UI or anything in-between, we use the same rigorous and collaborative design methodology tailored to specific product requirements

we are on the lookout for potential partners that would be interested in pushing the boundaries of DSP hardware to enable certified implementation of our ambitious state-of-the-art AVAS designs

a lot of this work is publically restricted due to NDAs and contractual constraints - please get in touch with us privately for more information

audio branding

from zero to complete audio identity and customer experience including audio logos, earcons (auditory icons and notification sounds), branded ambiences and music and state-of-the-art interactive elements

from one-shot UI blips to rich loopable stems and bespoke responsive synthesis

enabling next-gen experience through fully-generative interactive audio

musical composition & sound design

from digital production and mixing to field recording and scoring for small-to-medium ensembles - we will do what it takes to develop and produce the musical and sonic character required

we take art, music and aesthetic value very seriously - our belief is that technological implementation always serves creative realisation and never the other way round

we are artists, musicians and designers both on and off the clock that take pride in our creative work, which we implement by any and only means necessary

audio tooling & supervision

helping clients develop audio tooling that makes the process of creating interactive audio fun, personalised and barrier-free.

from fully customized meta-parameter layers in our sound models (e.g. AVAS and interactive entertainment) to the design of entire workflows inside groundbreaking audio softwares (e.g. PatchXR) we are sure to find a solution that fits the requirements of your project.


procedural audio

extensive experience in this field has shown us again and again that there is no one-size-fits-all “sound model” for any given sound implementation. the process of developing procedural sound design solutions to a given circumstance are in fact very similar to those applied in more conventional sound design workflows; where the desired impact of a given sound is usually not satisfied by simply pulling in the materially corresponding library sample or audio recording. there are infinite interpretations of a “blip”, a “swipe”, an “engine”, a “footstep” or a “creaking door”. we develop and implement all of our procedural sound on a case-by-case basis, assessing needs, references, mood, computational constraints, interactive bandwidth, user flow and output diversity of the target implementation. while the most subtle interactions can require highly elaborate signal chains, other sounds can often benefit from surprisingly simple implementations (with little or no procedural elements at all!)


stretch morty's face

george jetson's flying automobile



DC:A is a boutique studio based in the mediterranean, specialising in interactive sound design, music composition, audio branding, audio tooling, and audiovisual production. its founding members hail from complimentary creative fields of sound design, musical composition, physical computing & graphical arts, physical design, audiovisual concept development, branding. unlike other studios, DC:A uniquely offers a specialisation in interactive DSP design & implementation that is coupled with an uncompromising commitment to aesthetic completeness & vision, and all the skills to fulfill conventional sound design, musical composition and audio branding. its members and their networks boast a world-class track record in research, development, tooling and implementation of procedural audio across a multitude of platforms and applications.


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